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I am building some miniature robots in my spare time as a hobby.  It is a good way to demonstrate the utility of the knowledge gained over the years.  All the robots use typical RC (radio-controlled) servo motors as the actuators.  The 'brain' of these machines is Microchip's PIC microcontroller.  For the smaller robots (the insect and rover), the 18 pins PIC16LF628 is used.  For the larger biped robot, the 40 pins PIC16LF877A is used.  Note that low power version of the microcontroller (the 'LF') is employed to conserved battery capacity and to provide better immunity to interference.

Group photo of the robots that I am in the midst of building (photo taken on Sep 2003):
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Rover Robot
Built this simple robot to try out the software and hardware platform.  Completed in May 2003.
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View a short video of the rover robot here.

Insect Robot

Version 1
Insect Robot version 1.0.
  Completed in July 2003.
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View a video of the insect robot version 1 here.

Version 2
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Redesign the software and hardware platform.  A more stable (and compact) robot, Insect Robot version 2.0 is completed in September 2004.  It has 2 active infrared sensors, 1 tilt sensor, 1 passive infrared sensor, 4 contact sensors and  can be linked to a computer via RS232 port.  View a video of the Insect Robot version 2 here.

Biped Robot (FKS1)
I am building a miniature walking droid in my spare time.  Completed the construction of the mechanical portion.  Below are two shots of the machine.  The body is constructed from aluminium, PVC and fiber-glass (glass epoxy).  Will share more details as I progress.

The 'looks' of the robot as of August 2002.
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Update as of May 2004
Redesign and built the sole and lower portion of the legs.  I also repositioned the legs so that the separation become smaller, ensure better stability.  Painted the machine to make it looks more professional.  All the electronics have now been ported to surface-mounted components platform, thus reducing the overall weigth.  The machine can now walk continuosly, albeit a little bit shaky at times.  Nevertheless I have not installed any sensors yet.  In the process of selecting suitable sensors and designing the electronic circuitry.  Moreover I am also upgrading the Robot's software in my spare time.

Due to work committment, I have stop the development of the biped robot since July 2004.  Will pick it up again in future when I have spare time again.

The 'looks' of the robot as of June 2004.

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Two-Wheel Self Balancing Robot

Been a few years I have stopped work on robotics.  Recent months I started to work on robots again.  During this period many new microcontrollers and sensors are introduced.  I figure a good ‘point of entry’ would be to build a small 2-wheels self-balancing robot.  This is a step more challenging than traditional wheel robots, requiring real application of feedback control concepts and some knowledge of discrete-time signal processing.  Also the technology of MEMS sensors has progressed to such a point where fairly low-cost and high performance accelerometers and gyroscopes can be easily obtained. 

Recent projects

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