Documents for RF Circuit Designs (Focusing on using Advance Design
System (ADS) Software) and High-Speed PCB Design


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Basic Agilent ADS simulation tutorial:
Performing DC sweep analysis on a bipolar junction transistor (BJT).

Performing small signal AC analysis on a BJT circuit.

Performing s-parameter measurement on BJT circuit.

Basic Harmonic Balance (HB) simulation for large-signal steady-state AC simulation

Using custom 1-port or 2-port network with data from measurement (monopole antenna)

Performing basic Circuit Envelope (CE) simulation with single source

Small-signal noise simulation

Creating custom library (lumped-components) from SPICE netlist

Large Signal Amplifier Design:
Class-A Linear Power Amplifier Design

Mixer Design:
Single-Ended BJT Mixer

Lab Sheets for use with ADS
Interactive impedance transformation using ADS
Microwave low-pass filter design with stripline using ADS

Agilent Genesys

Using momentum EM analysis for microwave planar circuits

Open notes on RF/Microwave Circuit Design (Dec 2009/April 2014)
Lesson 1 - Advanced transmission line
Lesson 2 - RF network analysis
Lesson 3A - Impedance transformation
Lesson 3B RF/Microwave filter
Lesson 4 - Three and four ports networks

Lesson 5 Coaxial and waveguide components
Lesson 6 - RF transistors and components
Lesson 7 Small-signal RF amplifier theory: gain expressions and stability
Lesson 8A - Designing small-signal RF amplifier for simultaneous conjugate match and constant gain
Lesson 8B - Designing small-signal RF amplifier for low noise operation
Lesson 8C - Designing small-signal RF amplifier for constant input mismatch, effective power gain
Lesson 8D - General single stage small-signal RF amplifier design
Lesson 8e - Multi-stage amplifier design
Lesson 9 - Oscillator design
Lesson 10 - Nonlinear circuit Large-signal amplifier
Lesson 11 - Broadband amplifier
Lesson 12 - Brief review of optimization and statistical methods

Appendix Material on Phase-locked loop and frequency synthesizer

Open notes on High-Speed Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design

Lesson 1-2 - Motivation and fundamental concepts.
Lesson 3 - Transmission line, signal propagation and crosstalk.
Lesson 4 - PCB layout and grounding.
Lesson 5 - Basic differential signalling.
Answer to course assessment and Transmission Line Design Spreadsheet


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